Four citizens, including children, wounded in the shelling of the aggression forces on Al-Tahita, Hodeidah

Four citizens were injured, today, Thursday, in the shelling of the forces of aggression against Al-Tahita district, Al-Hodeidah province.

The forces of aggression targeted heavy weapons in the Al-Mughars area of Al-Tahita district, wounding two youths, a boy and a girl, with varying injuries, a security source confirmed.

The forces of aggression targeted the besieged city of Al-Drahami with more than 35 artillery shells, it added.

The U.S-Saudi aggression aircraft launched two air strikes on Al-Jaroub area in Al-Matoon district, Al-Jawf, it pointed out.

During the past hours, the U.S.-Saudi aggression aircraft launched 11 air strikes on the districts of Nehm, Al-Majzar, Al-Matoon, and Al-Jawf Junction.


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