The aggression jets target the capital, and the governorate Sana’a with a series of raids


The US-Saudi aerial aggression escalated its raids on the capital, Sana’a, and its environs, and violated the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah.

The aggression’s warplanes launched a raid on the Atan area in the capital, Sana’a, two raids on the districts of Arhab and Bani Matar and two raids on Nihm district of Sana’a governorate.

On Thursday, the aggression’s warplanes launched 17 raids on Nihm district.

In a dangerous escalation and in breach of the Stockholm Agreement, the aggression launched a raid on Ad-Dahi district of Hodeidah governorate.

In addition, the aggression launched 3 raids on Majzer district of Marib governorate.


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