Mass rally in the capital, Sana’a, rejecting Trump’s deal (photos)


Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have taken to the street in the capital Sana’a protest the so-called “deal of century” unveiled by US President Donald Trump this week.

Yemen’s al-Masirah television network said the demonstrators carried banners and slogans Friday, decrying the deal and pledging to support the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.

The protesters, in a statement, slammed what they described as the treason of certain “hypocritical Arab regimes” – particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – for supporting the plan and betraying the Palestinian cause.

The statement underlined that existing divisions within the Muslim and Arab world have emboldened Tel Aviv and Washington to carry out the measure.

The protesters called on Palestinian factions to unite and overcome existing rifts to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

In the event, Khaled al-Batsh, a member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, delivered a speech to the protesters in the capital Sana’a via a television channel from Gaza.

During his speech he expressed his appreciation to the Yemeni people. “We are so proud of the Yemeni people, and we see in Sana’a pictures of the near victory,” he said.

He added: “From Gaza to Sana’a, one blood and a common destiny [binds us] in the face of the enemies of the nation. They wanted to ignite our Arab countries with wars while the Israeli entity remained safe.”

“We distinguish between the regimes that collaborate in the Trump deal decrees, and the people who refuse to do so.”

Al-Batsh confirmed that the Palestine people will not negotiate on their land, and will not compromise on sacred places, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

He continued: “We will protect our homeland, fight our enemy, and we will not surrender to the ill-fated deals. We call for standing with the Resistance and supporting it with weapons and everything it needs in order to confront the occupier. We call on the nations to besiege the US and Israeli embassies and consulates,” he concluded.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi also gave a speech at the mass rally, confirming that “beloved Palestine has never been far from our hearts.”

“The words of the Leader of the Revolution are clear: we will be on the side of the Palestinian people and we wish to fight with them,” he said in the event.

He added that: “We do not want the Palestinian brothers to reward or thank us, because standing by Palestine is a religious duty”.

Mohammed al-Houthi condemned the collaborationist Arab regimes for their shameful stance towards Trump’s so-called deal.

“The Arab countries that attended the announcement of the Trump deal should apologize to the [Palestinian] nation.”

Al-Houthi called for an Arab-Islamic summit to produce a practical program on the Palestinian issue.

“We don’t want to stand by Palestine with speeches only. [We suggest that] 5% of all military funding of every Arab and Muslim country should go to Palestine,” he suggested.

Al-Houthi further confirmed that traitors from the nation have given more to the US compared to what they have given to the Palestinian people.

Al-Houthi concluded: “The aggressors against the Palestinian people are also fighting against Yemen, but this will not deter us from supporting the [Palestinian] fronts. We will continue to support the Palestinian cause, and if it were not for the siege, all the streets of Sana’a would be filled with chants of “No to the Trump deal.” We are so proud to stand with the Palestinians, and we are proud that they stand by us.”

The Yemeni people have once again confirmed their solidarity with the Palestinian people, stressing that the Palestinian cause exists in Yemeni people’s hearts, despite the unjust US/Israeli-led aggression.


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