A high-level political member calls for an Arab and Islamic summit to confront the American shamful deal


Mohammed al-Houthi condemned the collaborationist Arab regimes for their shameful stance towards Trump’s so-called deal.

“The Arab countries that attended the announcement of the Trump deal should apologize to the [Palestinian] nation.”

Al-Houthi called for an Arab-Islamic summit to produce a practical program on the Palestinian issue.

“We don’t want to stand by Palestine with speeches only. [We suggest that] 5% of all military funding of every Arab and Muslim country should go to Palestine,” he suggested.

Al-Houthi further confirmed that traitors from the nation have given more to the US compared to what they have given to the Palestinian people.

Al-Houthi concluded: “The aggressors against the Palestinian people are also fighting against Yemen, but this will not deter us from supporting the [Palestinian] fronts. We will continue to support the Palestinian cause, and if it were not for the siege, all the streets of Sana’a would be filled with chants of “No to the Trump deal.” We are so proud to stand with the Palestinians, and we are proud that they stand by us.”


تليقرام انصار الله
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