London Protesters Denounce Trump Peace Plan


British Protesters have demonstrated outside the US Embassy in London, showing their rejection of US President Donald Trump’s so called Deal of the Century which they say robs Palestinians of their basic human rights protected under international law.


Since the so-called Middle East peace plan was announced by Trump and Israeli Premier Netanyahu this Tuesday, protests have been staged throughout the region and inside the Palestinian territories, leading to hundreds of injuries. The Gaza Strip has also endured Israeli bombardment for over three consecutive days.


Trump’s Deal, dubbed by the Palestinians as the slap of the century, would essentially warrant the annexation of half of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, illegal settlements and the Northern Dead Sea.


Amnesty International, as well as several other human rights organizations, has stated that Trump’s proposal is an apparent violation of international law. In the past years of his Presidency, the US President has essentially destroyed the three final status issues, attempting to create facts on the ground in a bid to prevent a Palestinian state.


The three final status issues following the 1993 Oslo Accords, were borders, the Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem (al-Quds). Trump has recognized the Israeli regimes capital as being al-Quds, withdrawn funding from UNRWA, the UN established organization which supports Palestinian refugees and accepted all Israeli claims to territory.


The people standing here in front of the US embassy, against the so called deal of the century, are in a rage and are demanding that the UK government reject the so called peace deal and also that the US get the message that the UK stands firmly against the so called deal of the century.


Source: Press TV

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