Airstrikes of the aggression on Nehm, Mareb, al-Jawf and Najran

Today, Sunday, the Saudi-American aggression launched a series of raids on Marib, Al-Jawf, Nehm and Najran.

The aggression launched seven air strikes on al-Baqa’a and the Al-Shorfa area in Najran, four raids on Nehhm district in Sanaa province, three raids on the districts of Majzar and Serwah in Mareb province, and two raids on the districts of Al-Matun and Khub and Al-Sha`f in al-Jawf, a security source confirmed.

In Hodeidah, the aggression forces continued to violate the truce agreement, targeting the besieged city of Al-Durihimi with more than 15 shells and with various machine guns, causing material losses.

Today, Razih district in Sa’ada province was subjected to missile and artillery bombing.



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