Major General Al-Madani exposes the violations of the Swedish agreement, confirms the full readiness to confront any escalation

The commander of the Fifth Military Region, Yousif al-Madani announced on Wednesday that Hodeidah witnessed aggression and real war over the past months by US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries.

Al-Madani revealed that coalition’s forces carried out over 51830 violations of Sweden’s agreement and 1062 civilians were killed, while 3567 citizens wounded.

He confirmed that coalition’s fighter jets committed 1285 violations over Hodeidah’s atmosphere and launched 57 air strikes.

The enemy’s forces established 865 military fortifications, carried out 435 mobilization operations and 110 military reinforcement operations, he said.

The Yemeni army repelled 159 infiltration and foiled 18 attacks in various areas in Hodeidah province, he added.

Al-Madani also revealed that coalition’s mercenaries fired 13481 artillery shells and missiles at Hodeidah and carried out over 32059 shootings.

Yousif al-Madani also announced that they are ready for any escalation.

This came during an important meeting for the Fifth Military Region, headed by the Director of the Presidential Office, Ahmed Hamid to discuss the latest developments in the implementation of the Sweden’s agreement and coalition’s violations.

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