Gunmen assassinated a leader loyal to UAE in Aden

A militia leader loyal to the UAE occupation was shot dead by gunmen in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen, on Monday.

Rashad Saleh al-Saadi, commander of the UAE-backed militias in al-Luhom area in the east of Dar Saad neighborhood, came under a hail of gunfire while he was in his car at Al-Masa’abin junction, according to local official .

Al-Saadi was killed on the spot, despite the presence of security barriers of the militias near the incident, while the gunmen fled, it added.

citizens , yesterday, found a body of one of the UAE-back militia recruits named Marwan Radhwan, who was kidnapped from Sheikh Othman area, after hours of killing and throwing him in a sub-street.


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