Saudi-led aggression warplanes wage many raids on Yemen provinces over 24 hours

The US-Saudi aggression fighter jets waged six air strikes on various Yemeni provinces over the past 24 hours, a Military source said on Wednesday.

In Jawf province, the warplane of coalition waged a strike on Ghail district.

In Sanaa province, two air strikes were waged on gold mine resulted in the destruction of a number of machinery and equipment of the mining company in Jebel Salb of Nehm district.

In Marib province, the warplanes of aggression waged two strike on Majzar district.

In Bayda province, the aggression’s warplane launched a strike on Wald-Rabea district.

From the beginning of war against Yemen, the US-Saudi-led aggression worst crimes were committed, dozens of victims were killed, injured and homes were destroyed in 2015.


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