The Joint Technical Committee confirms Yemen is free of Coronavirus

The Joint Technical Committee confirmed to prepare for a response to the Corona virus epidemic, that no case of the virus has been registered so far in Yemen, nor is it true for the news published about cases of infection in Yemen.

The spokesperson for the joint technical committee, Dr. Abdul-Hakim Al-Kahlani, explained that the committee is the only body authorized to announce any case of infection, indicating that there is no possibility to conduct the examination except in the National Center for Public Health Laboratories in the capital Sanaa.

Dr. Al-Kahlani called on the World Health Organization to support all provinces with devices and solutions to enhance their readiness to confront the virus, pointing out that the central laboratory in Sanaa on Friday examined two suspected cases of deported citizens from Saudi Arabia, to whom the standard definition of the case approved by the Health Organization applies, and tests showed that they were free of Corona virus.

Dr. Al-Kahlani affirmed the commitment of the committee to deal with this matter with professionalism and transparency.


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