Three citizens maryred, wounded in shellings of the aggression forces in Hodeidah

The U.S Saudi-led coalition forces on Sunday continued to HIT a number of residential areas and neighborhoods and target ceasefire monitoring points in Hodeidah province, in a new violation of Sweden Agreement, security and field sources reported.

A citizen fell martyred due to wounds he sustained as a result of the coalition forces’ shelling on al-Jabaliya area in al-Tuhita district, it confirmed.

A number of citizens were wounded due to the rocketry and artillery bombardment of the coalition forces on the residential neighborhoods near the 50th Street, it added.

Meanwhile, one of the supply personnel at the joint liaison control point in al-Khameri was wounded when the coalition forces opened fire on the point.

The sources added that the coalition forces intensively combed with medium weapons on the al-Khameri monitoring point, and shelled the kilo 16 area with four mortar shells, in conjunction with the flight of the coalition warplanes in the skies of southern districts.


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