The Higher Committee for Combating Epidemics approves the closure of land ports and the suspension of exams

Yemen has so far been completely free of any cases of coronavirus infection ,the Higher Ministerial Committee for Epidemic Control in Sanaa on Monday confirmed that .

This came in a press conference held by the committee following its meeting, during which the precautionary measures taken to face Corona epidemic were discussed.

It held the U.S. Saudi-led coalition forces and their agents, especially in Yemen Airlines Company in Aden, fully responsible for the results of not taking precautionary measures to combat this global epidemic.

It, at the meeting, took a number of exceptional decisions, the most important of which was the closure of land ports to all travelers for a period of two weeks starting from Monday, March 16, with the exception of goods and freight, and the tightening of procedures on unofficial ports.

It , in addittion, approved the suspension of studies and exams in schools, universities, institutes, colleges and the like facilities until further notice, directing the concerned ministries and authorities to abide by the new and previous decisions issued by the committee in this regard.


تليقرام انصار الله
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