Health ministry says two COVID-19 suspected cases tested free of it

The Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Joint Technical Committee for Preparation for Coronavirus (COG) reported that they had received of two suspected cases of Coronavirus.

The Committee Spokesman, Dr. Abdulhakim Al-Kuhlani, told Saba News Agency that the ministry has received two a suspected case the first case from Hmdan district of Sanaa province, the second case from the capital Sanaa.

A laboratory examination was carried out at the National Center for Public Health Laboratories and it was found that the two samples were free of Coronavirus, he added, “We assure the citizens and residents of the Republic of Yemen that the decisions and actions taken by Yemen are precautionary precautions against this epidemic,” .

He called on everyone to raise awareness, patriotism and respond to the decisions of the Higher Ministerial Committee for Epidemic Control.


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