Over 257,000 airstrikes of the U.S. Saudi-led coalition during five years

The Yemeni army’s spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie on Monday said that the total number of the U.S. Saudi-led coalition air strikes on Yemen since the beginning of the coalition’s aggressive war until March 14, amounted to more than 257,000 strikes.

This came during a press conference held on Monday afternoon by Sarie, in which he reviewed some numbers and information about the confrontations of five years of steadfastness and challenge in the face of the coalition aggression despite the huge difference in the number and gear between Yemen and its enemies.

“The coalition raids announced by us are limited to what was monitored, and there are raids that were not monitored, especially during the first years of the of aggression war,” Sarie said.

6,657 raids were launched by the enemy air force only during the 5th year of the aggression, including 1,225 strikes in the past three months of 2020, he indicated that, confirming thousand of Yemeni people were killed and tens of thousands wounded as a result of the brutal aggression, in addition to very large losses in public service facilities.

Sarie said that the military establishment was the first target of the coalition forces by targeting all of its headquarters, units, equipment, personnel and leaders, affirming that that “the Yemeni people will not forget the victims of the Great Hall massacre in Sanaa, nor the massacre of Dhahiyan children in Saada victims, and will not forget the victims of the horrific brutal massacres of aggression coalition in all regions of the country.”

“The great Yemeni people have overcome many and many tragedies and difficulties during the past five years, and they with the help of Allah will overcome what is left with patience, determination and sincerity.”, he added.


تليقرام انصار الله
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