The Board of Directors of the Zakat Authority discusses the Authority’s contribution to face Corona and approves the provision of 10,000 food bags

The contribution of the Authority to confronting the Corona virus in the quarantine centers at the overland points were discussed on Wednesday by Board of Directors of the General Authority of Zakat.

The Board, at the meeting, approved the provision of 10 thousand food bags and sanitation facilities, in addition to providing exemplary isolation places in each province and studying the possibility of transferring expatriates to quarantine centers in their provinces.

It confirmed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Authority’s Health Committee and the Chamber of Commerce in the capital Sanaa to provide medicines and health and shelter supplies in coordination with the Higher Ministerial Committee for Epidemic Control.

The Board , During the meeting, listened to the report of the Health Committee member Dr. Nashwan al-Attab, which includes assessing the health status of the quarantine at Afar crossing in Bayda province, and the problems in the supervisory, health, housing and service aspects.


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