6 suspected cases of Corona examined, found free of virus: Health Ministry

The Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Joint Technical Committee to prepare for combating Coronavirus on Thursday confirmed that no laboratory confirmed cases of the virus in Yemen has been recorded to date.

Spokesperson for the Committee Dr. Abdulhakim al-Kohlani said that during the past two days, six suspected cases from the capital Sanaa, Bayda, Ibb and Saada provinces were examined, and all of them were free of the Corona virus.

The Committee continues announcing the results of the examinations of suspected cases, out of its keenness on transparency and fighting rumors, through which some seek to create a state of panic in society and disturb public tranquility, Dr. al-Kohlani added.

He reiterated that the decisions and measures have been taken by Yemen are precautionary measures against this epidemic.

Dr. Al-Kahalani called on everyone to obtain information from its official source in the committee, calling on all to raise the level of awareness and national sense and to respond to the decisions issued by the Higher Ministerial Committee for Combating Epidemics.


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