11 air strikes of the aggression aircraft on Saada, Amran and Al-Jawf

The aggression coalition warplanes on Wednesday launched eleven airstrikes on three Yemeni provinces, a military official said.

According to the official, the aggression warplanes waged eight airstrikes targeting Khub Washeaf district in Jawf province, while another airstrike hit Raydah district in Amarn province.

On Monday, At least a horse breeder was killed and two others were wounded when Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed horse stables at the Military College in the capital Sanaa.

According to the official, the coalition airstrikes also led to the killing of 70 purebred Arabian horses and the injuring of 30 others in stables of the Military College.

In addition, two airstrikes in Saads were waged on Bani Moa’ath area in the border district of Sehar, damaging civilians’ farm and property.


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