The aggression continues bombing Yemeni provinces

The Saudi-led aggression coalition fighter jets have carried out on Monday 56 airstrikes on various provinces over the past 24 hours, a security official said on Monday.

In Marib, the fighter jets waged 21 strikes on various areas of districts of Serwah and Majzar.

In Bayda, the coalition air forces launched 10 strikes on areas on Nata.

According to the official, Medi, Haradh and Abbs districts of Hajjah governorate were hit in 12 air raids carried out by the aggression warplanes, injuring a citizen and destroying a water well.

In Jawf, the combat jets hit Khab Washaf, al-Hazam and Barat district 9 times.

In Saada, the combat jets launched five strikes on al-Malahidh area of al-Dhaher district, the official added.


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