Seven citizens martyred ,wounded in massive violations and raids of the aggression in Hodeidah and a number of governorates

Seven civilians were martyred and wounded due to the breaches of the aggression in Al Hudaydah Governorate, and its criminal raids on a number of the governorates of the Republic during the past 24 hours.

A security source said that the violations of the forces of aggression amounted to 90 breaches, including three attacks on the control of 16.

34 breaches, with artillery and missile strikes with 124 shells and missiles and 52 breaches with various bullets.

The source confirmed the death of a citizen and the wounding of two others by the shelling of the aggression forces that targeted their homes in the July 7 neighborhood of the Al-Hali district. Three women were also seriously injured due to the artillery shelling of the aggression that targeted their homes in the eastern Slakhana district in the district of 50 th street in the same district.

The forces of aggression targeted the 16 kilo control with intense fire, and fired four mortar shells at the 50th and 16th kilometer Street. They also shelled Katyusha and artillery shells in the mountainous area of ​​Al-Tahita district.

The source pointed out that the forces of aggression bombed a number of artillery shells and various machine guns in the middle and south of Al-Jah in Beit Al-Faqih district, and targeted three mortar shells west of the village of Al-Hafsh village in the besieged city of Al-Drahami.

The source said that the aggression launched five raids on the Malahit area of ​​the Dhahir district in Sa’ada governorate and a raid on the Al-Baque near Najran, while Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted populated villages in the border district of Razih.

The source pointed out that a citizen was seriously wounded and destroyed a water well and its accessories were damaged as a result of two aggression air strikes that targeted a citizen farm in the Al-Jar area in the district of Abs governorate of Hajjah.

Also in Hajjah, the aggression warplanes launched six raids on the Midi district, and two raids on the Harad and Abs districts.

The source said that the warplanes targeted in the Ma’rib governorate Sarawah district with 17 raids and the Majzar district with two raids, in the Al-Jouf governorate, one raid was carried out on al-Hazm district, seven raids on Khub and al-Sha`f district and a raid in the district of Bert al-Anan.

The warplanes of the aggression launched two raids on the Samin area in the Raydah district in Amran governorate, and six raids on the Nateh district in Al-Bayda governorate.

The source condemned the targeting of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries for children, women and populated cities, in an apparent intent to commit crimes and bloodshed.


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