The Shura Council condemns the aggression targeting of the quarantine centers in Al-Bayda

The Shura Council on Wednesday strongly condemned the aggression coalition’s airstrikes that targeted two health quarantine centers in al-Malajem district of Bayda province .

A statement, issued by the Shura Council, considered this targeting comes in the context of the aggression countries’ efforts to introduce the Corona virus to Yemen.

The aggression coalition’s aircraft had previously launched raids near the quarantine in al-Salif district of Hodeidah province, the statement referred.

The Shura Council’s statement warned against the continual deportation of Yemenis from Saudi Arabia, which poses pressure on the land ports, and also the continuation of flights to Aden Airport during the last period to transfer the aggression coalition soldiers into the city of Aden without subjecting them to quarantine.

The coalition warplanes , earlier in the day, waged two air raids, targeting two quarantine centers at Abar crossing in al-Malajem district in Bayda, according to a security official in the province.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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