Over 1.6 Million Infected with Coronavirus Globally, Death Toll Tops 95,000

More than 1.6 million people from across the world have so far been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, with the death toll surpassing 95,700, according to latest reports.

The number of infections worldwide reached 1,605,279, while the death toll stood at 95,752, with 356,941 of the infected people have so far recovered.

The US is on top of the list with 468,895 infections and 16,697 fatalities so far.

Spain is the second most-hit country with the new pandemic with 153,222 cases and a death toll of 15,447.

The COVID-19 death toll in Italy has reached 18,279 from 143,626 coronavirus cases.

Germany has become the fourth country to register more than 118,235 cases of infection and 2,607 fatalities.

France is the fifth country with most infections which have reached 117,749 and the fourth country in terms of fatalities that stand at 12,210.

China reported 42 new cases on Friday. In China, the total number of cases to date rose to 81,907, while the cumulative death toll increased to 3,336.

Then comes Iran in the list, with 66,220 cases and 4,110 deaths.

Source: Agencies

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