We warned early on the danger of not closing the ports by the aggression forces: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health

Dr. Mohammed al-Mansour,undersecretary of the Ministry of Health,stressed the need to take urgent procedural decisions, the first of which is to close the ports and prevent the manifestations of gatherings.

The announcement by the coalition-backed forces about recording the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Hadhramaut is too bad, stressing that all the ports must be closed completely, Al-Mansour said in a statement to al-Masirah TV on Friday

The United Nations is only interested in counting cases, confirming that we are concerned to take strict measures to deal with the deliberate spread of the virus in Yemen, he pointed out.

Al-Mansour blamed the coalition forces for the transmission of the virus to Yemen because it ignored warnings about the danger if the ports remain open and received returnees from infected countries, calling on the Yemeni people to adhere seriously to the instructions and directives of the Ministry of Health.


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