During five years … the aggression destroying 3,625 schools ,educational facilities

In a press conference held Sunday in Sanaa , the Ministry of Education announced its annual report titled “Education in Yemen.. Five years of steadfastness in the face of aggression.”

Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Hamdan al-Shami, At the press conference, said the report highlights the magnitude of the human and material damages and losses caused by the Saudi-led aggression coalition to the educational process in the country for the fifth year in a row.

It indicated to the humanitarian losses represented by the martyrdom of hundreds of students and educational staff, in addition to the negative effects on more than five million students and 200,000 teachers.

Undersecretary of the Education Sector and Head of the Annual Report Preparation Committee, Abdullah Al-Naami, During the conference, reviewed the efforts made to document the damage, which amounted to a total of 3,652 schools and educational facilities destroyed and affected by the aggression coalition in the provinces of the country.

It , in addition, touched on the aggression coalition’s brutality embodied by its internationally-prohibited crimes against student children and educational staff, whom were targeted in their schools and roads.

The report includes accurate statistics of material and human damage to public education at the province level, as the provinces of “Taiz, Saada, Hajjah, and Sanaa” got the largest share of the aggression coalition attacks on the educational facilities in them, Al-Naami pointed out

In turn, Director General of the School Map Radhwan al-Ezzi reviewed numbers and statistics that reflect the size of the damage to education due to the direct targeting of schools and educational facilities amounting to 3,652 schools and educational facilities, from which about 1,898,220 students benefit.

412 school and educational facilities were totally destroyed, 1,491 were partially destroyed, 993 were used to accommodate the displaced, and 756 were closed due to the aggression war, as well as more than five million students were affected in their education and deprived off 56,565,868 textbooks, according to the report.


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