E-government payments system launched

The electronic government payments system was launched by the advisor to the President of the Supreme Political Council and Acting Chairman of the Higher Economic Committee Hashim Ismail.

Islamil , during the launching, confirmed that the electronic government payments system is one of the economic recovery projects included in the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state.

“The e-government payments project will enhance Yemen’s economic capabilities in conjunction with the reforms taking place in various government sectors in light of the aggression and blockade experienced by Yemen,” Islamil said.

The success of the Yemeni cadres in designing and creating such systems and programs comes in the context of self-sufficiency after Yemen was in the past relaying on cadres from abroad for millions of dollars, he confirmed.

The American Saudi-led aggression coalition countries and their followers are fighting any project or system for managing electronic cash in the liberated provinces and pretending at the same time to show keenness on the country’s economy after they dumped it by printing one trillion and 720 billion riyals of the illegal currency, he indicated.


قد يعجبك ايضا