Egyptian officer, seven terrorists killed in Cairo shootout

Egypt’s Interior Ministry announced that a national security officer killed and another one along with several soldiers were wounded in a shootout in Cairo on Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement that the police forces exchange of fire with a takfirist group, which took place in the Amiriya neighborhood in northeast Cairo.

It explaining that its forces raided “a terrorist cell whose members embrace takfirist concepts” was planning to “carry out terrorist operations in conjunction with the Feast of Resurrection” among Copts,” leaving seven dead of takfirist group.

“The elements of this cell were monitored and dealt with, leaving seven of terrorist elements dead, in addition to seizing six automatic rifles, four cartridges and a large quantity of ammunition of various calibers,” the statement read

The ministry explained that the security forces also raided “one of the weapons and explosive silos stores in the Area of Matariya, which they (cell elements) intended to use in carrying out their terrorist plan,” noting that they seized inside the store “four automatic rifles and a quantity of ammunition.”

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