Five advances of the aggression forces foiled in Ma’rib, Al-Jawf, offJizan: Yemeni Brigadier General

Armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarie confirmed that the armed forces on Friday repelled five infiltration attempts in Marib, Jawf and Jizan.

Brig. Gen. Sarie explained to Saba that the army forces responded to two infiltrations on the district of Sirwah in Marib province, the first of which lasted from midnight yesterday until this morning and was broken and destroyed four armored vehicles with guided missiles, and the other continued from noon to sunset and a third march on the district of Khab wa Al-Shaaf in Al-Jawf province.

Two other infiltrations were countered by the army on the border area of Al-Malahit off Jizan, which also continued from noon to sunset, with the support of the aggression aircraft, as well as an attempt to infiltrate into army positions in Majazah off Asir.

The destruction of a number of armored vehicles and the loss of dozens of killing and injuring in the ranks of the enemy and forced to retreat and break were confirmed by the spokesman.

Meanwhile, in the past 24 hours, the aggression fighter jet has carried out 35 raids, including 27 on the districts of Sirwah, Majzar and Madghal in Marib province, and eight raids on the districts of Khab wa Al-Shaaf in Al-Jawf province.


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