The Foreign Ministry condemns the aggression countries over arms export resumption

Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned some western countries’ resumption of arms sale and export to the American Saudi-led aggression coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry, in a statement, expressed regret for these decisions that came under the pretext of addressing the economic conditions experienced by those countries as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which showed the falsehood of those countries’ calls for peace and the cessation of the war on Yemen.

The statement called on these countries to reconsider these decisions that contradict international values, norms and covenants, and the efforts being made to bring peace to Yemen. In addition, they will cast a negative shadow on the interests of those countries and on the relations that bind them to Yemen and its people, not to mention that this will subject them to accountability as a partner in killing the Yemeni people and destroying their capabilities.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that facing the economic conditions caused by the spread of the Corona virus is not through selling weapons to countries that commit war crimes against humanity in Yemen.

In its statement, the Ministry also called on parliaments, human rights organizations and activists in those countries to act and pressure their governments to refrain from resuming arms sales to the aggression countries.


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