Al-Samad will remain the symbol of steadfastness, sacrifice, pride, dignity and loyalty: Director of the Presidential Office, Ahmed Hamed

The director of the Presidential Office, Mr. Ahmed Hamed, said in an interview with the official Ansarollah website that the martyr President al-Samad will remain for us the symbol of steadfastness, dignity, honor, sacrifice, fulfillment, and he will remain present in our conscience.

He pointed out that the martyr Al-Samad was a school of good values ,morals and qualities and he was a wide heart that for all of us, and that his martyrdom was like a great loss to our Yemeni people in a sensitive and critical phase of history in which it was in urgent need of this president who possessed the heart of every Yemeni who saw his dream and hope in building a new Yemen.

He said that the period of the martyr President Saleh al-Samad represented a unique and successful experience in a record and exceptional stage and in the midst of brutal aggression and an unfair siege, pointing out that the martyr President Al-Samad’s loyalty to the leadership and his drinking of the Quranic methodology and his melting of responsibility is what crowned his stage of success despite all the challenges.

He added that the martyr was sincere with his Lord, faithful to his people, dedicated to his responsibility, honest in his dealings with public money, generous, dear, and a model of the Qur’anic school to which he belongs, and he was a Mujahid who exerts his effort in performing his responsibility and in serving this nation to which he saw himself as a servant despite the difficult circumstances, great challenges and security conditions that prevent him from settling in a specific place.

On his public relationship, Ahmed Hamed indicated that the martyr had a relationship with the leader of obedience, delivery and love, and he is for Sayyed a brother and a companion of path , and with members of the Supreme Political Council a working and understanding relationship.

With parties and organizations a relationship of friendship.

With the heroes of the army and the people’s committees, there is a responsibility relationship, one illusion, continuous encouragement, continuous support, constant follow-up, and push towards building a strong army and striking force, with the Yemeni people a relationship of loyalty, love, service, steadfastness, dedication and sincerity.

The Director of the Presidential Office, Ahmed Hamed, revealed that it was found through investigations and results that the plane that carried out the assassination of the President’s martyr is a US Air Force fighter drone, and elements and mercenaries of the aggression were collaborators in the implementation of this crime were.


تليقرام انصار الله
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