Four advances and two infiltration attempts of mercenaries foiled at the border and inside

About 30 the American Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries were killed and 45 others injured when the Yemeni army and popular committees foiled on Wednesday four infiltration attempts in various fronts, according to a Yemen’s Spokesman statement.

The army forces repulsed the infiltration attempts that carried out by the enemy towards the army’s positions in Bayda, Jawf, Taiz, Asir and Saada provinces,which ended without making any progress,the spokesman Brigadier-General Sarie said

Several of the aggression military vehicles were destroyed during the attempts in all frontlines, he said.

Meanwhile, the aggression coalition’s fighter jets carried out 35 strikes on the provinces of Jawf, Marib and Saada, Sarie added.


قد يعجبك ايضا