China Firmly Opposes Politicisation of Nuclear Energy Cooperation by United States

China firmly opposes the politicisation of nuclear energy cooperation by the United States, Foreign Ministry representative Geng Shuang said on Friday in the wake of a US nuclear energy strategy paper published a day earlier. The report stated that the United States should push Russia and China out of their nuclear technology markets and become a world leader in this area.

“I saw this report. It says that Russia and China cannot adhere to high standards of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in their nuclear energy cooperation like the United States and, in fact, lower them using it as a tool for marketing goods. This is absolutely untrue”, the representative stated.

He stressed that in recent years, Washington has made attempts, under various pretexts, to tarnish and put pressure on the nuclear energy cooperation of individual countries, and some US officials have even stated that they intend to use such cooperation as a geopolitical instrument, the diplomat added.

“Beijing strongly opposes such erroneous politicisation of nuclear energy cooperation and refuses to accept the fictitious accusations against China mentioned in this report”, he emphasised.

The new US energy strategy, which has been submitted to President Donald Trump for consideration, says that the US should become a global leader in the nuclear technology market, superseding Russia and China.

It adds that it is necessary to prevent China and Russia from having solid relations with Eastern Europe and Africa.

Source: Sputnik

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