Health Sector in Yemen’s Al-Jawf, Facts and Crimes of US-Saudi Aggression

Hospitals and health centers in Al-Jawf governorate, northeastern Yemen, suffer from a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies due to the continued blockade and aggression carried out by the Saudi-led coalition..

After liberating Al-Hzm district of Al-Jawf, from the forces of aggression, the health office worked to rehabilitate hospitals and health facilities and provide them with the necessary needs.

In light of the continued aggression and the siege, hospitals and health centers in Al-Jawf governorate suffer from a significant shortage of devices, drugs and medical supplies, especially with the increasing number of patients and the wounded, in addition to the continuous targeting of health facilities and cadres, increasing number of deaths and worsening the suffering of the local population.

“The health sector in Al-Jawf governorate faces a great shortage of medicines and medical supplies as a result of the US-Saudi aggression as it targets health facilities,” the director of the health office in Al-Jawf governorate, Abdulaziz Omair, said. “Approximately 5 health facilities were directly targeted, leading to its total and partial destruction, as a result of this barbaric aggression.”

Al-Hzm Hospital, the only government hospital in the city, faces great pressures in receiving medical cases from various districts of the governorate. Despite the scarcity of capabilities, doctors struggle to alleviate the suffering of patients.

After about two months of liberating the city, the governorate’s health office worked to restart the stalled hospitals and health centers and provide them with medical equipment and supplies to serve citizens after they were neglected and looted by mercenaries of aggression.

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