The Yemeni Media Union issues its fifth report on crimes and violations of the aggression coalition

A specialized report revealed a terrible statistic of documented violations committed by the American-Saudi-led aggression on the rights of the media and its attacks on its facilities and employees during the five years of the war.

The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) said in its latest report, published on Saturday, that the coalition of aggression had caused “the killing of 335 Yemeni media workers and the injuring of 25 others since March 26, 2015.”

According to the Union’s report, more than 290 military media personnel martyred during five years of the aggression against the country, while the number of the national media martyrs reached 45 and the wounded were more than 25.

The Union indicated that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE has destroyed 23 Yemeni media facilities and targeted broadcast and transmission towers 30 times, it also cloned 6 Yemeni channels and websites.

The documented violations and attacks of the coalition on the media, its facilities, means, and affiliates, were not limited, rather, they extended, according to the YMU, to suspending 8 Yemeni satellite channels from broadcasting.

The coalition violations of the international statement of human rights, especially the right to know, the right of access to information and freedom of information and expression, also included 143 cases of preventing foreign journalists from entering Yemen.

The report stated that the coalition’s attacks against the Yemeni media also include stopping dozens of pages, accounts and channels on social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

The United Nations, in its turn, has remained, and still, silent towards the coalition’s violations and attacks against the Yemeni media and against media workers in their work sites and homes.


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