Norwegian Journalist Likens Trump to Hitler: “A Tarzan against Corona”

Norwegian journalist Helge Simonnes drew a startling parallel between US President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

In his opinion piece in the newspaper Dagsavisen, titled “A Tarzan Against Corona”, Simonnes wondered whether Americans who voted Trump in 2016 are going to regret it as much as the Germans who voted for Hitler in 1933 did in 1945, as the war ended in bitter defeat.

“What did the Germans think at the time of defeat about what they had done 12 years prior? In the 1933 parliamentary elections, nearly 44 percent of German voters supported Adolf Hitler’s party. A good number of them were active churchgoers. The consequences were terrible for Germany and for the the entire world. In May 2020, it is relevant to ask a similar question. What do American voters think about the support they gave to Donald Trump in November 2016?”, Simonnes wrote.

The former editor-in-chief of the Christian newspaper Vårt Land, expanded his comparison and further narrowed the question to Christian voters:

“The question must be addressed specifically to all the white, evangelical voters who voted for Trump. The support of 80 percent of this important group in American politics was crucial to his being in the White House. He was proclaimed to be a strong man, one who could defend the country through thick and thin, both against the liberal elite within the US and against external enemies. A Tarzan who skilfully played on the benefits of having Our Lord in the White House,” Simonnes wrote.

Furthermore, he called Trump voters “blood fans” and introduced the term “Trump shame”.

“However, much like German voters in 1945, there must be many Americans now who feel like they’ve been cheated. Maybe they feel Trump shame. Did they want a president who despises medical expertise and regularly puts forward alternative and special theories about the solution to the pandemic that China is claimed to have inflicted upon the US?” Simonnes asks.

Source: Sputnik

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