Free clothing exhibition for martyrs’ sons opens in Amran

The Governor of Amran, Dr. Faisal Juma’n, opened on Thursday the free exhibition for the Al-Fitr Eid for the sons of the martyrs, with the contribution of 50% of the General Authority of Zakat and the Foundation of the Martyrs.

It is worthy to mention that more than seven thousand son and daughter of the martyrs got benefit from the exhibition from all the directorates of Ibb, in addition to spending the amount of 25 thousand riyals for each son and daughter of a martyr.

In the opening ceremony, which was attended by the governor of the province, Abdul Aziz Abu Khurfisha, the director of the branch of the General Authority of Zakat, Muhammad Al-Shahrani, and the officials of the martyrs institution in Ibb, the governor of Amran praised the interest and support of the Martyrs Foundation and the General Authority of Zakat for the sons and families of the martyrs.

In his turn, the director of the branch of the General Authority of Zakat indicated that the authority has major projects in the field of supporting and assisting the families and children of the martyrs, including support for productive families, whose productions are showing in this exhibition.

In his turn, the official of the martyrs, Ahmed Al-Azzi, pointed out that the Foundation will adopt several projects that contribute to alleviating the suffering of the sons and daughters of the martyrs during the coming weeks, pointing out that this project comes within several seasonal projects such as the Ramadan basket and others, praising the support of Ibb leadership abd the General authority of Zakat for the families of the martyrs.

تليقرام انصار الله
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