Free exhibition of Eid clothing of martyrs’ sons opened in Sa’ada

The Governor of Saada, Mohammed Jaber Awad, and President of the Martyrs Foundation, Ahmed Garan, has opened the free Eid clothing exhibition for the sons of the martyrs, which targets more than 15 thousand sons and daughters of martyrs in the governorate.

In the event, the governor of the governorate, Mohammed Baidan, appreciated the great efforts made by the Martyrs Foundation in providing care and services to the families of the martyrs, including the Eid clothing.

The official of the Foundation branch in the governorate, Abdullah Al-Kostaban, explained that the Eid clothing project for the children of the martyrs is one of the seasonal projects that the Foundation is keen to implement.

For his part, the director of the branch of the General Authority of Zakat in the governorate, Mohammad Qaili, confirmed that the authority will continue to support the Martyrs Foundation, which pays attention and care to the children and families of the martyrs and provide their needs.

The inauguration was attended by Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Humran, President of Saada University.

تليقرام انصار الله
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