Ministry of Communications: Saudi-led aggression targeted “1,030” establishments with more than “2,398” raids

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology said that the world celebrates the 51st anniversary of World Telecommunication and Information, and Yemen has been targeted for more than five years by an aggressive war.

In a statement the Ministry pointed out that the infrastructure of the telecommunications and information technology sector in Yemen has been subjected to military and economic war that included continuous military operations with more than two thousand and 398 air strikes. These air strikes Completely damaged 31% of the infrastructure of the network and killed dozens of workers in the field. That isolated 72 Yemeni cities and regions from the world.

The statement stated, that Yemen was banned from using the internet cables owned by Yemeni telecommunications after they were ready for use since 2017.

The Ministry expressed its deep dissatisfaction with the silence and international collusion with regard to the suffering of the Yemeni People, renewing the call for the United Nations, the International Telecommunication Union and all humanitarian and international organizations to seriously stand before the targeting of the infrastructure of the communications and information technology network in Yemen.

The Ministry called for immediate intervention and serious action to stop all forms of war and destruction that target the infrastructure of the communications network and the Internet, and to end all arbitrary measures that cause the deterioration and decline of telecommunications services in Yemen.

The Ministry put the responsibility on the countries involved in the Saudi-led aggression for all the military and economic crimes.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا