Governor of Taiz, commander of the fourth region discuss the military and security conditions in the governorate

The Governor of Taiz, Salim al-Mughals, discussed with the commander of the Fourth Military Region, Major General Abd al-Latif Hammoud al-Mahdi, the security and military situations in the governorate.

The meeting touched on issues of concern to the governorate in the context of integrating efforts on various tracks and levels, as well as setting fronts in various regions of the governorate and ways to support and provide them with fighters to continue achieving victories and defeat aggression and its mercenaries.

In the meeting, Governor Al-Mughalas highlighted the level of coordination that exists between the leadership of the local authority in the governorate and the leadership of the fourth military region, which was positively reflected at various levels.

He pointed to the efforts exerted by the leadership of the Fourth Military Region and its officers and soldiers, the readiness and high alertness of the fighters, praising the victories achieved by the army, and the popular committees in Dabab Front a few days ago.

For his part, the commander of the Fourth Military Region valued the steps and directions of the local authority leadership in Taiz governorate, stressing that the heroes of the army and the popular’s committees in the province look out for all the mercenary movements of the aggression and incurred heavy losses in lives and equipment.

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