The aggression continues to hold dozens of fuel, food ships

The American Saudi-led coalition on Thursday continued to detain vessels carrying oil derivative and food and not allow them to enter Hodeidah port, in a bid to increase the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which has been suffering for over five year due to the war and siege.

“The coalition’s navy is holding 20 ships carrying fuel and food, despite obtaining permits from United Nations,” an official at the port of Hodeidah told Al-Masirah TV channel.

Hussein al-Ezzi, Deputy Foreign Minister in the National Salvation Government, said that the continued holding of ships in light of the spread of Corona pandemic is an indication of excessive brutality and reflects the total absence of any seriousness in peace talks.

The Yemeni Petroleum Company confirmed on April 21 last year that “the continued arbitrary detention of oil derivative shipments that were shipped during the past months at high international prices caused a lack of flexibility in the company and the inability to adapt to low global prices, especially in light of the escalation of late fines.”


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