The security services dismantle three explosive devices in Al-Bayda

Ministry of Interior of the National Salvation Government announced Thursday night that it was able to thwart a major terrorist crime targeting civilians in al-Bayda province before it was carried out.

“The security services managed to dismantle three explosive devices, which were planted by the aggression elements (loyal to Saudi-led coalition) in al-Bayda province,” the ministry’s spokesman Brigadier Abdelkhaleq al-Ajri said.

He explained that “one of the explosive devices was planted near Al-Wehda Hospital in Bayda city to target citizens.”

The spokesman did not reveal other details about the size of the explosive devices and the locations of the other two explosive devices that were dismantled in al-Bayda.

It seems that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE has renewed betting on members of the so-called “Al-Qaeda” organization in al-Bayda, as part of its military escalation in the province recently.

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