Health Ministry: the inaccuracy of the swabs sent by the WHO affected the results of laboratory tests

Ministry of Public Health and Population of the National Salvation Government issued at midnight on Thursday a statement on the developments of Corona epidemic (COVID-19), and revealed a scandal of the World Health Organization (WHO).

In its statement, the ministry said that it follows “the epidemiological situation of the COVID-19 pandemic locally, regionally and globally, and the measures taken in different countries of the world with great interest.”

The ministry indicated that the countries of the world have adopted a policy of intimidation and the exaggeration in the procedures of confrontation, which weakened the morale of its citizens and created a state of panic, fear and anxiety that was more deadly than the disease itself.

“Many countries of the world dealt with the infection cases as numbers and statistics, which negatively has affected the psychological and immune status of societies,” the statement read.

The Ministry confirmed that it, from the first moment of announcing the pandemic, put in place a national emergency plan to confront it, including allocating places for isolation and equipping them in the capital Sanaa and the rest of the provinces according to the available capabilities.

“A strategy and vision has been developed that is appropriate to the country’s situation by benefiting from the experiences of other countries,” the ministry added, referring to “the failure of the United Nations organizations to provide necessary assistance for Yemen.”

The statement revealed that “the inaccuracy and inefficiency of the solutions and swabs sent by the World Health Organization affected the results of laboratory tests that showed positive for non-human and unexpected samples,” noting that those results would be revealed in a press conference.

The ministry affirmed that the infected cases of COVID-19 have appeared in several areas of the country, including the capital Sanaa, and that it works with responsibility to provide the necessary health care for the infected cases and to track those who had mixed with them and monitor their cases.

In its statement, the health ministry called upon all citizens to cooperate with the it and support its efforts to combat the virus through their full compliance with the instructions it issued.

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