The names of the martyrs and the wounded in Al-Zuhur neighborhood crime

Ansarollah website obtained the names of the martyrs and wounded of the hideous crime committed by the Saudi-led aggression’s forces, on Sunday, in the Al-Zuhur neighborhood of Hodeidah governorate, meanwhile four children were killed and 18 others were wounded.

The martyrs’ names:

Abdullah Yahya Abdullah Jaber (Somali)

Sami Hassan Omar Ahmed, 13 years old.

Abdul Rahman Youssef Thabet, 17 years old.

Moneer Omar Ali Okaish, 11 years old.

The wounded names:

Ibrahim Youssef Thabet, 14 years old.

Youssef Mohamed Hebah, 13 years old.

Bassam Ali Mohammed, 15 years old.

Nabil Mohammed Hassan, 24 years old.

Saleh Jaber Obaid, 14 years old.

Ghassan Muhammad Shoman, 19 years old.

Amjad Mohammed Jaber, 20 years old.

Rayan Nabil Ahmed Yousef, 18 years old.

Abdul Malik Ibrahim Ahmed, 11 years old.

Ola Mohammed Thabet,15 years old.

Mohammed Salem Jaber, 18 years old.

Ahmed Ghazi, 13 years old.

Abdul Qadir Mohammed Ali Haider, 14 years old.

Hanan Abu Bakr Abdullah Yahya, 5 years old.

Suleiman Salem Jaber, 6 years old.

Hammoudi Abu Bakr Al-Sadiqi, 7 years old.

Ibtihal Khaled Mukaram, 10 years old.

Abdah Salem Abdo Omar, 8 years old.

Rajaei Abu Bakr Abdullah Abdullah, 13 years old.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا