Minister of Industry calls on citizens to report any complaints through the application or the free number

The Minister of Industry and Trade Abdul Wahab Al-Durra stressed the importance of activating coordination between the central operations room and operating rooms in the governorates and districts in a way that contributes to achieving a better level of service to citizens.

During his meeting in Sana’a with officials of the Ministry’s Central Operations Room, Minister Al-Durra indicated that the Ministry is keen to follow up on daily reports received from citizens regarding price or specifications violations and commercial fraud and others

He also affirmed the readiness to provide the necessary capabilities and needs for the central operations room to enable it to play its role.

He pointed to the continuation of the modernization process to keep abreast of scientific and technical developments and take advantage of them to provide the best services to citizens in a manner that contributes to protecting consumers and preserving their rights.

He called on citizens to cooperate and report any complaints through the electronic application or the ministry’s toll-free number (174).

The Minister also urged to conduct a continuous evaluation and follow-up of the work of offices, the movement of markets, and fielding daily to achieve food and commodity stability and address any imbalances and the development of work mechanisms.

تليقرام انصار الله
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