Minister of Health: Our policy in the face of Corona angered the aggression coalition

Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil confirmed on Monday that the death rate in Yemen due to the Corona virus is very low as a result of adopting the policy of reassuring the patient and the community.
The Minister of Health considered in a speech that the psychological trauma made by political leaders and the media about Corona stands behind many of the deaths in the world.
He stressed that our policy in the face of Corona angered the coalition aggression countries that sought to introduce Corona to create social chaos, and it is pumping more rumors.
He pointed out that what the aggression media talks about reflects its malicious desires and does not relate to reality, and our experience in facing Corona proves its success day after day.
Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil emphasized that our citizens in the southern governorates are being killed by diseases and epidemics in light of the neglect of the occupation forces and the silence of the international community.

Al-Mutawakkil stressed that the free zone hospitals provide service to all Yemenis without discrimination.
He stressed that the United Nations is absent from the efforts to combat Corona in the occupied territories, the statements of its officials are separate from reality and a desire to obtain funds.
The Minister of Health urged the United Nations to carry out its responsibilities to stop the aggression and lift the siege on Yemen, instead of intimidation and participation in this deadly policy of the people.
He deplored the silence of the United Nations in the face of the crimes of the Saudi-American aggression coalition and the siege on Yemen, saying: The United Nations has been silent about the crimes of aggression against the Yemenis and is falsely crying over what it calls the victims of Corona.

The Minister of Health assured citizens that the Ministry of Health, with its own efforts and great political care, stands by them to obtain health care according to the highest possible level in the light of the aggression and the blockade.

He pointed out that Yemeni companies started to produce medicines that the market lacks due to the aggression alliance impedes their entry through a harsh imposed siege under silence of the United Nations and the world.

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