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The Saudi-led warplanes target the districts of Serwah and Majzar with more than 40 strikes

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes targeted the two districts of Serwah and Majzar in Ma’rib governorate with more than 40 airstrikes.

A security source said that the total attacks of the aggression on Serwah and Majzar during the past hours amounted to more than 40 airstrikes, stressing that the aggression must bear responsibility for the consequences of this escalation.

During the past hours, the aggression’s war launched 5 raids on the area of al-Jarr and Bani Hassan in Abs and Haradh districts, Hajjah, and two raids al-Jawf.

The warplanes of the Saud-led aggression also launched 3 raids on the Al-Shorfa area in Najran, an airstrike on Ketaf district, and two raids on Al-Zahir district in Saada governorate.

Since the Saudis started this war, they have undermined any efforts to publicize their violations of international humanitarian law in their campaign against Yemen.

They have learned to keep the media quiet and diffuse attention on the tragic aggression on Yemen, and to buy the silence of countries known for their strong support for human rights such as France, the U.K.

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