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British writer: Saudi Arabia Must Be Held Accountable for Its Crimes in Yemen

Tasnim Nazeer, Ambassador of the World Federation for Peace and Informatics, wrote an article in the site “Middle East Eye” in which she dealt with the Yemeni situation in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic in the weakest and poorest country in the world and in the midst of an ongoing brutal war for the sixth year in a row.
The author started her article with warnings by human rights groups that millions of Yemeni civilians are in dire need of humanitarian aid, and renewed fighting in the country’s north has left hundreds of thousands of displaced people at heightened risk of contracting Covid-19, rights groups warn.
Decimated healthcare system
“The intensifying conflict between Yemeni Army and a Saudi-led coalition has moved nearer to these overcrowded camps, presenting a significant risk. The onslaught is driven by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has not let up, even as the pandemic threatens catastrophic consequences in a country whose healthcare capacity has been decimated by years of war”, Tasnim said.
Accountability for war crimes
Tasnim pointed out that Bin Salman has the authority to implement needed changes to protect civilians, but he has thus far failed to do so. The war itself goes against the very tenets of Islam, which calls to protect civilians and to look after your neighbours.  Saudi Arabia should be held accountable for the millions of people affected by this tragedy, along with the war crimes committed on Yemeni soil, including unlawful air strikes on homes, schools and marketplaces.
The right to a better future
She added that authorities, human rights organisations and NGOs must call on Saudi Arabia to implement a total ceasefire, halting the destruction and bloodshed in Yemen. The restrictions on critical international aid and lifesaving items must be lifted, so that civilians can fulfil their basic needs.

“Political prisoners must be released under emergency provisions, as their unsanitary living conditions could fuel the spread of Covid-19. The people of Yemen are entitled to justice, peace and a better future; it is long past time that they are given this chance, Nazeer said.
Source: Middle East Eye

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