Industry Minister stresses importance of tightening market control, price control

Quoted from Yemen’s official news agency, Saba, that the Minister of Industry and Trade Abdul Wahab Yahya al-Durra stressed the need for local councils and ministry offices to play their part in supporting efforts to tighten market controls to control any price increases contrary to the ministry’s list.

The ministry on Sunday sent letters to the secretary of the capital and the provincial governors and offices and branches of the ministry in the provinces to constantly go down to control the markets and control the prices of basic materials, food and complementary items, as well as the control of ovens and bakeries that are contrary to the price and weight of the loaf of all kinds, al-Durra added.

He stressed the need to seize, confiscate and destroy goods and products harmful to consumer health because of their damage, corruption or expiry and the application of penalties for violations in accordance with the laws, regulations and decisions in force, including the penalty of temporary or final closure, with the speed of adjudication of cases and violations first and not delaying them.

تليقرام انصار الله
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