Member of the Supreme Political Council “al-Houthi”: we are Ready for Dialogue with Saudi Arabia even on live broadcast

Sana’a is ready to engage in a “public dialogue” to reach a comprehensive solution that would stop the 5-year aggression against Yemen, Member of the Supreme Political Council said.


“We are ready for public dialogue even on live broadcast with the countries of aggression to reach a cease-fire and lift the 5-year siege on Yemen,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in an interview with the BBC published on Sunday.


“We do not have any restrictions, or an agenda that we fear will appear in front of the media,” he added. “We presented a comprehensive solution document that contains all the solutions. We called for handing over salaries and taking a team to the Safer floating storage. We called for complete solutions, not segmented or solutions for media consumption only.”


He pointed out that until now there is no response from the countries of aggression. “What is happening today is delay. They are unable to implement. We are presenting the initiatives and presenting realistic solutions, and they refuse to implement them.”


Houthi pointed out that there is communication with the countries of aggression, but does not rise to the level of negotiation. “We urge for communication until the aggression stops in our country. From the first day, we called for dialogue.”


The Supreme Political Member also affirmed the readiness of authorities in Sana’a to go to Riyadh provided that a public dialogue is held that will result in a comprehensive cease-fire in the country.


He pointed out that the entire Yemeni people need help by breaking the blockade and stopping the aggression.


“We do not need the assistance of anyone, the entire Yemeni people, whether in the occupied areas or the areas that are not under occupation, need their children to be free, not to be under blockage, to have all their resources available to live freely and in peace.”


Regarding the coronavirus, Houthi clarified that announcing or concealing the number of people infected with the virus does not reduce the epidemic, but increases terror. He indicated that psychiatrists say that most cases that come to clinics are the result of the media, they get panic if they get any cold, even if they do not have coronavirus, they go to the hospital.


He said that the health system in Yemen has almost collapsed according to the evaluation of the United Nations. “We do not need the people to live in fear and anxiety from symptoms that may not be corona.”


He pointed out that the Ministry of Health started to launch a specific program to be applied in specific hospitals, and then directed all hospitals in the Republic of Yemen to receive all cases despite weak existing capabilities


“We do not have swabs through which we can determine who is infected with corona and who is not infected,” he added.

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