Aggression Coalition Piracy Of Oil Ships Under International Cover Increases Humanitarian Repercussions on Yemen


he Saudi-led aggression coalition continues its unjust siege through maritime piracy actions on Yemen aimed at impeding the arrival of oil derivative ships to the port of Hodeidah, increasing the people’s suffering in all fields of life.

In light of the alarming spread of the novel Coronavirus, known as Covid-19, in Yemen and the declaration of a state of emergency is announced to confront it, a series of detention of oil and food ships have been again emerged by the aggression coalition in a miserable attempt to expand the area of spreading infection among Yemenis.

Yemen’s Oil Company reiterated its assertion that the aggression coalition continued to arbitrarily detain about 21 oil and household gas vessels for varying periods, reaching its maximum for ships currently in detention for 83 days and more, asking the United Nations to assume full responsibility for this detention and its implications for health and economic conditions and living for citizens.

Inhuman Crime:

The physician Mohammed al-Daous, Administrative Director of the al-Amal Specialist Hospital in the capital Sanaa, says”  pirated ships have been detained by the evil coalition is a major crime. It negatively affects a lot of hospitals in particular and the health sector in general that will lead to a serious humanitarian crisis and exacerbate the health situation. The matter may not reach to provide health services for the general public, as hospitals entirely depend on oil derivatives, especially diesel to generate electrical energy because most medical devices and equipment rely mainly on electricity.

The same repercussions apply to all hospitals and even the health sector in general, which is confirmed by Dr. Salah al-Kayyal, the director of al-Sahab Hospital in the capital Sanaa, as he sees the interruption of electricity, due to the lack of oil derivatives, leads to the suspension of all medical devices from working, which greatly affects the medical services provided by hospitals In general, the victim is mainly a Yemeni civilian.

Dr. Al-Kayyal condemned the detention of oil and food ships at sea, describing such arbitrary detention as “inhuman crime of seizing ships”, calling on the United Nations to keep away itself …what the States of aggression practice to tighten the screws on the Yemenis, and to carry out its humanitarian duty as an international organization to work to immediately lift the unjust embargo on the Yemeni people in all its forms.

Catastrophic Repercussions:

The agricultural sector is one of the most vital sectors affected by the oil derivatives crisis, as most farmers rely on irrigation of their crops on oil derivatives, and in the absence of these materials, mainly diesel, their crops are damaged then great economic losses will be inflicted on them.

The farmer Nagib Ali Hussein of Bani Matar district in Sanaa, complains about the state of piracy on oil derivatives, saying: Our crops of “carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes” are thirsty and they will be damaged due to the interruption of oil derivatives, and if we get a little from the black market, which will be in fact at high prices, we cannot afford them to buy.

He appealed to all international bodies to put pressure on the aggressive coalition countries to lift the embargo imposed on oil ships, to lift the blockade imposed on Yemen, to completely neutralize the economy and not to involve everything that affects the lives of citizens in any type of conflict.

Mohammed Ali Sharhan, another farmer from the same district, says: Our situation is like any Yemeni farmer, which is definitely difficult. Our suffering is great due to the oil derivative crisis that was mainly caused by the detention of the aggression coalition for oil and food ships as well as projects dependent entirely on oil derivatives, especially diesel, to run water pumps and transport vehicles.

He called on all humanitarian organizations and the international community to activate their humanity towards the Yemeni people by lifting the blockade against Yemen and not to hinder the oil, food, and medicine ships because the embargo and the blockade do not relate to humanity.

He called on the United Nations to raise its cover on the crimes committed by the aggressive countries that killing the Yemeni people, whether by warplanes, starvation, or siege policy.

Increasing Prices:

The commercial sector has been affected and is still greatly affected as a result of the piracy of ships. The merchant Ismail al-Matri, a wholesale seller of household goods, confirms that the detention of oil and food ships by the evil coalition led to a significant decrease in the movement of purchase and sale and an increase in food prices, due to a shortage of oil derivatives, and a high transportation fee between the provinces will negatively affect the merchants first and then the suffering of citizens mainly.

Electricity stations are also directly affected by piracy of ships and their detention at sea because its main work depends on oil derivatives, mainly diesel.

Faris al-Hadidiqi, a director of al-Tasheel Power Station said ” Oil derivatives, especially diesel, are the lifeblood, It cannot be dispensed with, and the impact of its discontinuation on us and the citizen as well is great, such actions carried out by the aggression coalition against the public consumption is inhumane and not related to humanity at all.

He adds ” although the ships are authorized and inspected by the United Nations, the greatest goal of the evil coalition and those who are claiming humanity is to starve the Yemeni people and increase its suffering.”

Killing life:

The water sector has not survived the tragedy of seizing and pirating ships, as its repercussions are great for this important sector in the lives of citizens, Mohammad al-Qashalah, for example, who works at the Yemen’s Water and Sanitation Local Institution, says “the detention and piracy of oil and food ships by the aggression coalition have caused us great obstacles at the Institution in general, the most important of which is the failure to regularly pump water to consumers due to the lack of diesel, and this is mainly due to the detention of ships at sea in an inhumane move by hostile states to increase the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Ali al-Ghuthaimi,  an owner of the water tank truck, works to sponsor his family, so he holds the countries of aggression responsible for acts of piracy because it leads and increases the suffering of the Yemeni people.

He says “We are in the water sector, our suffering is as great as all citizens, the high price of water tank comes due to the raising of pumps owners because of the oil derivatives crisis and the lack of its availability in the black market, in which they are found by us they will be at the highest prices, adding, ” In turn, the main goal of the aggression coalition is to increase the suffering of the Yemeni people through seizing and pirating oil ships.”

He adds “The water sector is totally dependent on oil derivatives, especially diesel, and undoubtedly the goal of the piracy of ships is to pressure a wide segment of the Yemeni people to achieve the aggression goals, which is not and will not be done, as the Yemeni people are not broken regardless of the aggression pressures.”

Starving of the Yemeni people

Fahad al-Aidarous, a director of al-Tasheel petroleum station in Sanaa, confirms that the process of seizing oil ships by the aggression coalition on Yemen is a major humanitarian catastrophe for citizens mainly, oil traders, and various service sectors and all fields.

Al-Aidarous said that this inhumane act by the diabolical aggression coalition to seize and pirate oil and food ships aim to starve the Yemeni people and increase their suffering, but the Yemeni people are known for its strength, patience, and determination

He called on the international community and all humanitarian organizations to pressure the coalition countries to lift the blockade imposed on the Yemenis in general, and oil, food, and medicine vessels in particular.

Mohammed al-Hadha, an owner of Hadco Petroleum Station, says ” the unjust aggression on our country and the detention of oil and food ships are a major crime against humanity, unforgivable, and history and all nations will curse them”.

He adds “this crime greatly affects us and all citizens in Yemen, and all areas of our public and private lives, and even increases our suffering, especially in light of the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially the Coronavirus pandemic”.

Stopping  Movement:

Even an ordinary citizen was not spared from the ordeal of piracy and the detention of oil ships at sea.

The citizen AbdelBaqi Yahya Hassan, a taxi driver, suffers from the lack of oil derivatives, especially gasoline, to obtain 40 liters of gasoline he may spend 3-5 days in a queue at one of the petroleum stations, sometimes without getting anything.

AbdelBaqi says ” Our suffering is indescribable, and the brutal aggression against our country is ruthless. The process of piracy of oil ships indicates a cowardly process that stands for its cowardice and despair. It also proves to us that it is a criminal enemy that is inhuman as well.”

Moath al-Hijazi is another citizen who has automobiles repair Shop. He also suffers from the absence of oil derivatives, confirming his work has significantly decreased by more than 80% due to the lack of movement of cars and transportation.

This is all due to the Zionist-US-Saudi aggression and its unjust blockade on our country, and its piracy of oil, gas, food and medicine ships”, he added.

Shadi Sha’alan, working in another automobiles repair shop, says ” Our suffering is indescribable due to the detention of ships. The prices of transportation, foodstuffs, water, and electricity have increased. This great suffering is caused by the brutal aggression on our country.”

Mowaffaq al-Hilali, a grocery owner who has a car that carries his needs from merchants, is also suffering as a result of this stifling oil crisis.

He describes his suffering ” The detention of oil derivative vessels and food ships by the aggression coalition has caused us great suffering in the transportation and the trade in the absence of oil derivatives, which is reflected negatively on the population at a time epidemics and diseases are spread, foremost of which is the Corona pandemic ..”

All of this exacerbates the crisis on a helpless citizen, in addition to the non-payment of salaries and entitlements of employees. The aggression aims to starve the people of Yemen to fulfill its malicious ambitions”  ‘but without success’.

Source: Saba

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