General joy in the Yemeni governorates due to the 4th deterrence balance process

A state of joy and rejoicing prevailed in the community in the Yemeni governorates due to the qualitative and successful process that targeted sensitive places in the Saudi capital of the enemy, Riyadh, and Najran and Jizan, the fourth deterrence balance process.

During our field trip through governorates, we felt that there was a great feeling that engulfed the Yemenis in general when the Saudi depth was targeted, as many citizens assured that these operations are the ones that will speed up the battle with the enemy, as this aggression knows only the language of force.

Citizens also indicated that during the period of the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen, which is more than five years, he did not hear the injured, the bereaved, and the screaming of children as a result of his aggression, crime, and siege on Yemen, but such Yemeni operations are what will make the enemy listen and return to his senses, asking for leadership to do more of processes.

It is worth noting that the fourth deterrence balance operation was carried out with a large number of ballistic missiles, two winged-missiles of Quds type and a long-range ballistic missile of Thulfiqar type, and Sammad-3 drones targeting headquarters and military centers in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, including the Ministry of Defense and Intelligence, Salman Air Base and military positions in Jizan and Najran.

Resource: ansarollah website

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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