Al-Ajri: nothing new about negotiations with Saudi Arabia and the aggression is heading towards escalation

Quoted from the al-masirah English website that a member of the national delegation, Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, said that “Saudi Arabia wants to renew the embassy’s ruling for Yemen, and the time to do that is over.”

Al-Ajri said that since the beginning of the war, a lot of solutions and ideas have been presented that are consistent with international law, explaining that Saudi Arabia has ambitions in Yemen and not fears, and it has problems with most of the countries in the region.

Al-Ajri pointed out that “the negotiations are conducted in the same manner and there is nothing new on the negotiating level.” He explained that the United Nations plays the role of the postman in the negotiations, and so far the other party has not responded to the messages in more than a month.

Al-Ajri said that Saudi Arabia is not ready for a solution and all battlefield and media messages indicate their intention to escalate.

He added that that the US statements are an attempt to clear the American administration of Yemeni blood, indicating that Trump has emphasized on more than one occasion that Saudi Arabia cannot move its planes without America, so the American support for Saudi Arabia is clear. He said, “We have exhausted all opportunities with the other side, and the other party continues to blockade and attack the Yemeni lands.”

He affirmed that Yemenis are able to resolve their crisis on their own, and that Saudi Arabia is not responsible for the internal affairs of the Yemeni. “We have put forward a solution in the recent period, We coincided with the Corona pandemic, but the other party has not yet responded to this solution”, he said.

He explained that the solution proposed was based on two phases. The first is confidence-building measures, a ceasefire and the opening of airports and ports, and then a political solution based on a transitional stage and respect for the sovereignty of Yemen.

Al-Ajri concluded by saying, “There are no indications of a positive intention by the forces of aggression to respond to our latest proposal.”

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